“It’s Not A Fair Deal”


Those were the words of super duper I own every player sports agent Drew Rosenhaus on Sports 620 KTAR-AM this afternoon on the Gambo and Ash Show, when referring to the current deal that wide receiver Anquan Boldin has with the Arizona Cardinals.

Hmmm.  You negotiated it bird brain.  After listening to him come on the show under the guise of his new book (really, c’mon we knew the main topic was going to be Boldin), he is still adamant that the Cardinals should trade Boldin.  He did concede that he doesn’t forsee Boldin being traded during the season, although he still expects Boldin to be traded at some point and said “that is what’s best for my client.”

He actually said though that the deal Boldin has is not fair.  I just couldn’t believe my ears.  Sure, it’s nowhere near what receiver Larry Fitzgerald is making and quite frankly it should be much closer to what the wideout from the University of Pittsburgh is making, however, he and Boldin agreed to the terms he is currently on.  He got an extension two years ago and Boldin signed the contract.  I don’t care if it’s fair based on market value right now or not, he signed it. Period.  The Cardinals do not have to offer and extension, although I still believe it’s in their best interests to do so.

Hosts John Gambodoro and Mark Asher did a great job of interviewing Rosenhaus.  They echoed what I’ve been saying for two months now, he signed the contract, he should honor thy contract.  Rosenhaus continued by saying that he has done great deals with the Cardinals and respects their front office.  They also brought up another good point, that why ask for a new contract with three years remaining?  It really should come up with one year remaining.  Bravo!  I couldn’t tell if he was trying to sweet talk himself into a Boldin trade or was being genuine.  Regardless, it did seem he was more in it for himself, not that I was surprised.  He will try to say all the right things publicly, but just listening to his words and in the context he put them, one could easily surmize that he was being patronizing in the interview.

Rosenhaus also spent time complaining about Darnell Dockett’s deal.  Enough.  We get the idea.  You are greedy and feel everyone should be paid well above market value.  Fitzgerald is currently making $10 million per year.  If the Cardinals came to Rosenhaus and offered Boldin $10-$15 million a year tomorrow, he’d take it in a heartbeat I believe.  Maybe he will stay true to his word and ensure his client gets a trade, however right now, I wouldn’t count on it.  In the meantime, let’s hope Boldin can continue playing every game as if it were a contract year.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen