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Top Headlines: A Look Around the NFC West


Turmoil in St. Louis?

Receiver Tory Holt opened his mouth on Friday to criticize his offensive line, saying they needed to do a better job of protecting quarterback Marc Bulger.  He said they haven’t been giving him enough time to get open.  Marc Bulger agreed saying he’s taken a lot of hits.  Oh my – it must be fun to be a fly on a wall in that locker room.

Facing a former foe in San Francisco.

Quarterback J. T. O’ Sullivan and coach Mike Martz both face their former foe, the Detroit Lions on Sunday.  O’Sullivan spent time as the backup to Lions quarterback Jon Kitna.  O’ Sullivan expects the Lions to play emotional and has high respect for the way the Lions prepare and play.  Coach Mike Nolan said he knows O’ Sullivan is poised and should be able to handle the challenge.

Wide Receiver Roulette in Seattle.

The Seahawks introduce yet two more receivers this week to Seahawks Stadium.  An oldie but goodie (well, not so good, but better than what else is available) in Koren Robinson and they also traded with the Denver Broncos to get receiver Keary Colbert.  They are in a world of hurt, but they will probably be feeling better after clobbering the Rams in Seattle this weekend.

Right now, it sounds really nice to be a Cardinal.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen