With Success Comes Restraint


I was cruising azcentral.com yesterday and came across a piece from Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic that talked about coach Ken Whisenhunt’s restraint when talking about how successful quarterback Kurt Warner has been over the first two weeks.

I agree 100 percent.

While it is exciting that Warner has had two terrific weeks, including last weeks “perfect” passing game with a quarterback rating of 158.3, it should be noted we still have 14 games to go folks and that includes two tough weeks on the road in a row.  The road has not histroically been the Cardinals friend.  The Redskins also histroically have had Kurt Warner’s number.  Whisenhunt said if he is still performing like this at the end of the season, then he’s been successful.  Not that he doesn’t like what he has seen so far, but it’s a long season and there are many tough games on the schedule to overcome.

I’m glad he said those things.  It is exciting to see him off to a great start.  However as we all know in the NFL it can all turn in a hurry.  Remember, the Cardinals haven’t started 3-0 since 1974.  I was a 1 year old when that happened.  That’s a long time ago.  Too long.  Let’s hope we are talking about their last 3-0 start being 2008 when 2009 comes rolling around.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen