Q&A With The Jets Blog


I did a Q&A with Brian Bassett from thejetsblog for this week’s upcoming game.  Below is the transcript of the brief interview.

How effective do you think Brett Favre will be playing on an injured ankle?

That’s a great question, and I think one that’s on many Jets fans minds this week (mine included) since we don’t have any history with Favre and watching him play through injuries.  It’s clear though that in 256 games, Favre has had to have played through some injuries and does his best to try and not let it affect him.  As far as his readiness level, in practice yesterday Favre was doing drills: jogging, full speed handoffs and half-speed dropbacks.  My thought is that he’ll be less mobile than normal so the team might not put in many designed rollouts or moving pockets from which to work.

What is your take on the Jets running game?  You have another former Cardinal on your roster, RB Thomas Jones. Do you think he is primed for a breakout game against the Cardinals?

The Jets have had some success in running the ball.  Miami’s defense against the run looks decent this season, and the Jets had a good day against them.  From what I can tell, the Cards have a fair run defense, so I’d expect the Jets to move the ball at times.  Thomas Jones has been something of a conundrum to Jets fans.  Although many folks repsect him a lot, he hasn’t had the statistical success you’d like to see from a runner, and many fans are wondering whether the team will start to give more reps to other players.  This weekend, I’d look for Leon Washington to get a number of reps in spread formations.

Is Eric Mangini the long term answer as head coach?  No playing experience and he is young.  Is he the man to turn this franchise around?

That is the great debate right now.  In my mind, the jury is still out.  Mangini is a meticulous game preparer and is extremely bright, but I think in his first two years as the coach, he’s done his best to ape his estranged mentor, Bill Belichick, with varying success.  My only hope is that rather than just imitate others’ coaching styles, he’d would find his own, and I think he’s getting there.  Also, other than one win in Foxboro versus New England in 2006, he has yet to win a big game, although he’s come close.  Mangini needs to first get this team winning, but everyone is looking for him to beat meaningful teams.  Mangini talks about execution regarding his players all the time.  It’s been three offseason acquisition periods for him and his GM, Mike Tannenbaum.  It’s time for him to stop talking about execution, and start doing it.