Cardinals in the Power Rankings


Your Arizona Cardinals are finally getting a little recognition.  In this week’s power rankings, the Cardinals came in at number 9.  I think that is about right.  I’m not the biggest power ranking fan in the world, but if it is used for the manner in which I believe it should be, then they serve a purpose.  I see the power rankings as a ranking much like what you’d see in college football.

Of course there are those who don’t agree with that.  There are many out there who view the rankings based on where they think the team should be.  I know I covered that last week, but it bears repeating.  Do you realize that one of the bloggers actually ranked the Cards at number 16?  16!!  Are you kidding me?  At least our NFC West blogging buddy Mike Sando ranked the Cards at number 6.  I certainly would buy that more than 16.

Find me 15 teams better than the Cardinals right now?  You can’t.  You might find me 15 better teams talent wise from top to bottom, however even that is very debatable.  NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas ranked the Cardinals all the way down at 16.  I guess it will take a Cards victory over Carolina to convince him otherwise. Jeremy Green from Scouts, Inc. has the Cards at 15.  That’s just not right.  I realize they haven’t won a thing yet, but they are 4-2, leading their division, and have back to back victories against a 4-1 Buffalo and 4-2 Dallas team.  Wake up gentlemen.  Who cares that they lost to the Jets the way they did.  It’s all about what are they doing now.

I know I will have a hard time convincing people otherwise, but the Cardinals are a team that doesn’t give up and right now deserves to be in the top 10 of the rankings.  If they lose to Carolina on October 26th, fine, drop them then.  Even then at 4-3, they will have St. Louis and San Francisco in back to back weeks after that and should be no worse than 6-3 going into the Seattle game in Seattle on November 16th.  I’m sure those ranking them low are expecting them to implode at any moment and be 4-12 when it’s all over.  This team is different.  Give them a chance until they prove otherwise.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen