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Expand the Schedule? Go for it!


The NFL has spent time recently discussing the possibility of expanding the schedule from 16 games to 17 or 18 games.  For now, 2009 will be the same as 2008, although some expect changes in the next few years.  The thought is by expanding the regular season, it would reduce the preseason, where games don’t count.  Another thought is to have a spring game of some sort, just like colleges do.

I for one, would love an 18 game schedule.  Really, what does 4 preseason games get you?  More injuries in more games that don’t mean anything.  It can only help the league.  The league would be more competitive, the bottom line would see higher revenue, and it would keep the average fan interested over a longer period of time.  Let’s be honest, if you haven’t decided by the third preseason game who is making and not making your team, you have other issues.  Sure you have those last couple/few guys you want to take a look at, but if you are on the fence with someone, put him on your practice squad.  That’s why they exist.

It won’t happen next year or maybe even for a couple more years after that, but soon it needs to happen.  Another thought is to expand the playoffs, which I am not necessarily for.  I do like the current format with 6 teams in each conference.  Instead of expanding the playoffs to 8 teams for each conference, it should stay at 6.  It makes the reward that much more special come the end of December.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen