A Vote For Change


As we head into Tuesday’s election, there are still those out there I’m sure who have no idea who they are going to vote for.  This is most likely the reason for the continuous phone calls to my home telephone number this evening.  What those political pundants don’t know is that I’ve already decided who I am voting for.  If you haven’t decided by now who you are going to vote for, then I’d rather you not show up at the polls.  We’ve only had this election thrown down our throats for the past two years.  What else have we had thrown down our throats the past two years?  Well, how about he debate about who should be the Cardinals quarterback?  That debate was victorious for the Kurt Warner camp back in August.  Not only did the Cardinals coaching staff make the right choice, now Kurt Warner has found himself in the midst of MVP contention.

It has been said that Matt Leinart represents change, a change for the future of this franchise.  However, the incumbent Kurt Warner, all but given up for dead last year before Leinart went down with injury, has taken advantage of the situation and now has the Cardinals talking contract extension.  The numbers prove it.  With Warner’s approval rating up, he has started the process of bringing both sides of the aisle together and has Leinart occasionally flashing a smile Warner’s way anytime something positive happens on the field.

Economic times at University of Phoenix Stadium could not be better.  The Cardinals stand to take the field next week in front of their 20th consecutive regular-season sellout at home.  There was worry that streak might be stopped this season.  However, with Warner behind center, he has proven that although our nation’s economy has been in a steep decline, our local football economy has never been stronger.

Illegal immigration.  Three times so far this season, Warner and friends have outplayed three opponents by outscoring them at a 2:1 clip, 102-51.  Turning away such foreigners as the Dolphins, Bills, and Cowboys have the Cards remaining undefeated at home.

Health care.  Kurt Warner has been banged up more times than a Mexican milling around Maricopa County avoiding the wrath of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  He has perservered though and continued to pick himself up time after time. Matt Leinart couldn’t pick himself up after 5 games last season and hasn’t found the starting lineup since.  With his team reflecting his good health, as although they have faced adversity when it comes to the injury front, overall they have avoided the major injury that has depleted many other teams in their quest for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Education.  Right up Kurt Warner’s ally.  Not only has he helped put the Cardinals in contention for their first divisional championship since 1975, during that time he continues to mentor his backup Leinart.  Leinart, if not for anything else, should have found his time on the bench to be an educational one.  However it could be an education he takes elsewhere should the Cardinals make the playoffs and Warner finds his signature on an extension.

Terrorism.  The time has come to an end that opponents come into Arizona and wipe the floor with the perennial league doormat Cardinals.  Warner’s leadership has protected the nest.  Since coach Ken Whisenhunt took over, his teams have gone 9-2 at home and have five of their eight remaining games at home this season.  Homeland Security at its best.

In the end, your Arizona Cardinals deserve your vote.  Please don’t call them a sleeper.  I’m not a fan of that word anymore.  They have been at the top of experts sleeper picks for the past few seasons.  Time to wake up!  This team has awoken a belief.  A belief in a team that has kept the voters talking about where this team has been, where they are now, and where they are going once the season has ends.  The time is now.  Vote for your Arizona Cardinals.  A vote for them is a vote for change.  Kurt Warner has won the hearts and minds of many, sans some pretty sorority girls on local college campuses.  The keys to the stretch drive in the 2008 season sit squarely in the hands of current, and near future, starting Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.  He is the leader this team has been searching for.  Leinart’s time will come, however 2008 is not that time.

Whoever your choice for Cardinals quarterback is, the real vote is at the polls tomorrow. Please remember to get out and vote.  Our country’s future is at stake.  This election is too important to miss.  Polls in Arizona are open 6 am – 7 pm on Tuesday.  God bless the Arizona Cardinals and God bless America.


Scott Allen