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Bring on The Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles helped the Arizona Cardinals create the perfect scenario for themselves.  After defeating the Carolina Panthers last night, all the Cards needed was the Eagles to walk into the Meadowlands and beat the number one seed New York Giants.  Easy task right?  Not so much, but you know what?  It happened.  After braving the elements all afternoon, the Eagles pulled away in the fourth quarter to defeat the defending Super Bowl Champions 23-11.

So, what everyone was praying for after the Cardinals victory against the Atlanta Falcons last week, is now reality.  The Arizona Cardinals are not only playing in their first NFC Championship in the Super Bowl era, they are hosting the game as well, a scenario quite improbable when the playoffs started.

Get your tickets now!  Tickets are only available today to anyone with an Arizona billing address.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until the last second to sell this one out.

The Eagles will be no pushover.  Donovan McNabb has found new life after his November benching in the loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  Ever since the last meeting with the Eagles, they have been on a tear, only losing to the Washington Redskins along the way.  That benching turned out to be the best thing for McNabb and the Eagles.

The Cards will need to bring everything they got next Sunday and then some.  If they thought the intensity was high over the past two weeks, then the Cards haven’t seen anything yet.  Home field has proven to not mean much so far in these playoffs in the NFC, except for Arizona.  Arizona is the type of team that can feed of its fans.

So, 1pm next Sunday.  Its the biggest game in Arizona Cardinals history.  No excuses to miss this one.

Go Cardinals!!!

Scott Allen