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Super Bowl XLIII: What They Are Saying Sun 1/25


With one week down and one to go before Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, the analysis, the tempo, the breakdowns, and the talk will all start picking up as both teams head down to Florida.

Mark Emmons of The Mercury News says the Cardinals run is hard to believe.

Just believe it already.  Sure it still seems a little surreal, but contrary to popular belief, the NFL isn”t revoking the Cardinals trip to Tampa.

Carol Slezak of the Chicago Sun-Times says that the Cardinals are no longer desert duds.

She’s got that right and hopefully the world will get to see that next Sunday.

Mike Reiss from The Boston Globe says it is finally the Cardinals time in the sun.

The story is also accompanied by a photo of the Cardinals championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles – in 1948.  So see, that means it hasn’t been that long since the Cardinals have been in the championship game. Photography existed.

John Mcclain of the Houston Chronicle asks which is more unexpected, The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl or the fact that Kurt Warner led them there?

Good question and one that has been debated all week.  My vote is on Warner, only because after leaving the St. Louis Rams and joining the New York Giants and failing to become successful there, it appeared his career may be coming to an end.  As far as we knew, the Cardinals would continue to play in the NFL for years and years.  Eventually it had to be their time.

Bob McManaman of The Arizona Republic said that the Cardinals don’t mind an early deficit.

Really?  I do.  I’m sure lots of Cards fans do too.  The Cards won two of their three games in the playoffs, fueled by early leads.  It is very tough to come from behind, especially against a tough defense such as Pittsburgh’s.  An early 10 or 14 point deficit may spell the end of the Cardinals chances.

Go Cardinals!!

Scott Allen