Arizona Cardinals, as we..."/> Arizona Cardinals, as we..."/>

Cardinals Arrive in Tampa


The Arizona Cardinals, as well as that “other” team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have arrived in Tampa.  The Cardinals arrived in Florida about 3 hours after the Steelers did this afternoon.

The task at hand right now is staying out of trouble for the firt two nights.  The Cardinals are free to do what they want for the first two nights, then they are under curfew starting Wednesday night until the Super Bowl on Sunday.

I am concerned a little about too much partying, but not too much.  Kurt Warner has talked to the team and reminding them why they are there.  I am quite certain Coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff have done the same thing.

Have a “little” fun, but not too much!  We can have fun after we beat Pittsburgh!

Go Cardinals!

Scott Allen