Monday Evening Quarterback


It’s been a day since the Arizona Cardinals found themselves a victory in Jacksonville, defeating the Jaguars 31-17.  Some additional thoughts on yesterday’s game and the upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said in his press conference today that the heat and humidity together in Jacksonville was some of the worst he has experienced in his NFL days to date.  He said he didn’t see any lasting effects of the weather though.  I agree.  I wasn’t even aware the humdity was an issue during the game.  The Cards players seemed to be handling it very well.

Whiz said this morning on KTAR that he should stay angry at the Arizona offensive line, in reference to his being “pissed” at the line for last week’s game.  The o-line played much better yesterday.  Maybe if he keeps up his anger, the o-line will play like that every week.  Then again, they won’t be playing a poor defensive line like Jacksonville every week either.

After watching tonight’s Colts-Dolphins game, the Colts D may be a little tired coming into Glendale next Sunday night.  The Colts have only had the ball a little more than 15 minutes.  Their 3 TD’s have all come very quickly, including a 80 yard pass on the first play of the game.  However, the Colts offense might be very well rested in turn and next Sunday night could end up being the shootout everyone wants to see.

Scott Allen