The “Mouse” Trap Game in St. Louis


You know the old movie, “Mousehunt”, also known to some as The Mouse Trap, where exterminators spend the whole time trying to trap a mouse only to see things end in disaster for them.

I liken that much to the Arizona Cardinals game in St. Louis tomorrow.  The Cardinals, who are obvious favorites this week, are now at the part of the schedule that can be considered a trap.  St. Louis is the first stop on the trap tour.  Tennessee and Detroit to follow.

The Cardinals have said all the right things this week, saying St. Louis doesn’t look like a 1-8 team.  Several players have had praise for Rams running back Stephen Jackson.

So, given what has been said in the press this week and where both teams are and what they are playing for, I give my reasons why Arizona could lose and win this game.

Why they could lose:

  • Stephen Jackson.  He’s consistently been a 100 yard rusher this season.  The Cards have had trouble stopping the run over the past few weeks.
  • Save for a kickoff return by New Orleans last week, St. Louis was a play away from beating the undefeated Saints at home, ultimately losing 28-23.
  • The Cardinals are in Tennessee next week against an improving Titans team and then The Minnesota Vikings come to town in two weeks.  Could be caught looking ahead.  It was at this point last season things started to turn sour for the Cards.  Remember, they were 7-3 before losing the next three games.

Why they should win:

  • They are better, hands down.  On paper, on the field, in the dirt, in your dreams, and in reality, the Arizona Cardinals are clearly better than the St. Louis Rams.  Unfortunately the better team doesn’t always win.  As they said, that’s why they play the games.
  • Show the world they can beat the lesser competition.  One of the ideas dogging this team is they get up for the big games, but seem to play down to the level of lesser teams.  I can’t see that happening, although the possibility is always there.

Let’s hope the Cardinals don’t bite the cheese on that trap and squirm their way out of the Edward Jones Dome with a ‘W’, no matter how ugly or pretty it is.  It all counts the same…just get a win!

Scott Allen