Inside the Fantasy Game


Going to St. Louis today, the Cardinals offense has the ability to rack up some really good fantasy numbers this week.  I say this of course after the Rams allowed on 21 offensive points last week to the New Orleans Saints.

Kurt Warner should feast on his old team.  Look for him to spread the ball around all his receivers today, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Breaston, and Anquan Boldin.

Would not be surprised to see the Cardinals defense pick up some points today.  The Cardinals secondary has played really well over the past couple of seasons against Rams quarterback Marc Bulger.

If you look to the Rams side of the ball, hopefully you have running back Stephen Jackson.  He is a beast.  He is the best running back in the division hands down right now.  My apologies to Frank Gore. The Cards defense had a propensity to shut down opponents running attacks earlier in the season, however in November, they have allowed their first 100-yd rushers this season.  Carolina’s Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams and Seattle’s Justin Forsett all had their way with the Cards.  Jackson will probably not be an exception to that.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen