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Breaking: Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry Has Died


Yesterday, Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry was injured in a car accident in Charlotte, NC.  Injuries sustained from the crash have resulted in Henry’s death, it is being confirmed.

Henry, who was in trouble with the law quite often early in career, had turned his life around and stayed out of trouble since being released and then re-signed by the Bengals.  He may have been a Bengal, however in the NFL, it is a fraternity and the loss still stings here in Arizona. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen here if we lost a Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, or Early Doucet?

This man, who was the butt of so many jokes, one of many who ran into law trouble for the Bengals a few seasons ago, decided to turn his life and career around.  I was impressed with the way he managed to not just become another statistic in the game of football.  I was also impressed with the Bengals for giving him one last chance, even after his initial release.

Unfortunately he went on injured reserve last month after breaking his forearm against the Baltimore Ravens.  His injury was actually the reason he was away from the team in North Carolina.

R.I.P Chris Henry.  Cincy, already faced with the tough task of going to San Diego this weekend to play the Chargers,  will most certainly now have a even tougher time now that this tragedy has hit the Bengal family.

Scott Allen