10 Reasons Why the World Cup Could be as Good as the NFL


No, follow me here.  Please.  Before you run off and bash the World Cup, let’s remember there is nothing much going on here in Arizona right now sports wise.  Yes, there is the Mercury.  Yes, there are the Dbacks, in spite of us all.  Even the Rattlers are playing.  The big favorite, football, is still a month and a half away when the Arizona Cardinals get going in Flagstaff at training camp.

I’m not going to sit here and praise the World Cup is all so much better than football.  Please.  NFL football is king.  Then baseball.  Then basketball, then hockey.  What I will do though is sit here and tell you soccer is not as bad as you make it out to be.  Is it the most exciting thing to watch on TV?  Nope.  Not even close.  Some games are unbearable to watch, although rarely will you find that to be the case in the World Cup.

Some people gave it all of fifteen seconds, hearing me KTAR?  However, you truly have to give it sometime.  Tune out the vuvuzela’s and your golden.  I know they sound like a swarm of bees, but deal with it.  If you’d rather watch another paid program at 7am, be my guest.

So, 10 reasons why the World Cup could be (but we know won’t) as good as the NFL.

10. Fan passion.  Soccer fans are nuts.  Just the breed the NFL could use in it’s sometimes labeled “No Fun League”

9. Television.  You don’t even have to go. ESPN/ABC are covering it.  Turn on Telemundo for the traditional “gooooooaaaalll” call.  It’s awesome!  Could you imagine a NFL broadcaster going tooouchhhhhdoowwwnnn!!!  That really would be awesome, but will never happen.  Traditional TV Networks are too conservative.

8. Creates as much talk sometimes as NFL.  Even if just for the “It’s unwatchable” camp, at least they sit there and tell you 100 reasons why it is unwatchable, so it creates as much discussion as the NFL.

7. The bars.  The World Cup has generated some EARLY morning business at the bars.  Some are opening as early as 4am when the first game of the day starts.  The only other sport you will see bars open early for will be the NFL.  That’s it. Besides, if you get drunk enough, even the biggest pessimist will become a fan.

6. Good players exist everywhere.  You have a large talent pool.  You can find many more talented soccer players than NFL football players.

5. The uniforms.  Again, if you witness, a lot of fans wear their country’s jerseys at the bars, in the stands, everywhere.  The NFL would be jealous to see how well jersey’s are doing in the World Cup.

4. That leads to merchandising.  As annoying as they are, those blowing vuvuzela’s are quite the noise maker, they are also quite the money maker.  Costing about $1 to make and selling for $10-$12, again the NFL might be missing something here.  I won’t be disappointed though if they don’t make their way to University of Phoenix Stadium anytime soon.

3. Stop your whining already….I’ve only got two left…..

2. The World Cup’s pre-event concert had Shakira shaking her hips.  The NFL has Faith Hill waiting all day for Sunday night.  I don’t know, it’s close.

1. Simple enough:  You have one winner, no disputes.  No, the championship game can NOT end in a tie before you all complain about that too.