Sporting News needs your help...."/> Sporting News needs your help...."/>

Calling All Darnell Dockett Fans


Sporting News needs your help.

They do a piece in each of their issues called “5 Questions”.  Their upcoming issue will feature Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett.  Their writer, Ryan Fagan, is asking for your help with questions.  We both think the best questions come from you, the fans.  So now is your chance to come up with some thoughtful, creative, and provocative questions to ask Darnell.

Ryan is asking for your questions now.  You can either ask your questions here, you can email me at, or you can email Ryan directly at  Either way, please get your questions into me no later than Monday June 21st.  If your question is picked, your name, along with hometown and your questions, will be printed in Sporting News.

Be as off-the-wall as you’d like.  I’d just ask that you please keep it respectful and professional.  Your question won’t be considered otherwise.  We look forward to your questions!  Thanks so much everyone!