The Best of the NFC West: Running Backs


We at, along with,, and are currently working to come up with the best NFC West players, an “NFC West All-Star Team” if you will.

The past couple of days we took a look at the quarterbacks.  Thanks for voting!

Today we look at the running back position.

Arizona Cardinals: Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower

A two-headed monster if you will.  Both had and will have ample opportunities to carry the ball in Arizona.  Both are fumble prone and something that they will need to improve upon in 2010, especially in critical situations.

Seattle SeahawksJustin Forsett and Leon Washington

Forsett would seem to be the guy in Seattle as the starter, although nothing has been made official.  Washington hasn’t played a down for the Seahawks yet.  He comes over to the Hawks from the Jets.  Washington’s season ended early in 2009 thanks to injury.  Forsett has 619 yards rushing and four touchdown’s in 2009.

St. Louis Rams: Steven Jackson

No matter how bad his team is, Jackson clearly stands out as a man amongst boys.  Jackson rushed for 1,146 yards in 2009.  He only had four touchdowns, in part thanks to the Rams inability to find the end zone in 2009 as a team.  He only lost two fumbles in 2009.  he also had 51 receptions.

San Francisco 49’ers: Frank Gore

Gore is the man in San Francisco.  He rushed for 1,120 yards in 2009.  He scored 10 rushing touchdowns.  He also had 52 receptions for 406 yards and three receiving touchdowns.

My take:

Clearly a more competitive position in the NFC West.  While Jackson’s and Gore’s number are better than the best, the future potential seems to lie with Wells and Hightower.  It all depends on what your definition of the best means.  Wells and Hightower seem to cancel each other out, however we are taking two running backs for the all division team, so one may be that much better in your eyes than the other.  However it is very difficult to overlook the numbers that Jackson and Gore provide.  My two picks would be Jackson and Gore right now.  I might have a different take after this season though.