Best of the NFC West: Offensive Tackles


We at, along with,, and are currently working to come up with the best NFC West players, an “NFC West All-Star Team” if you will.

Today we look at the offensive tackles.

Arizona CardinalsLevi Brown and Brandon Keith

Brown is looking to make a move along the line, which could result in a test period to get used to the move between tackle positions.  Brandon Keith, meet Matt Leinart.  Please.  Matt Leinart, meet Brandon Keith, he’s your new blind side guy.

San Francisco 49ers: Joe Staley and Anthony Davis

Staley provides excellent protection and Alex Smith needs every bit of it.  He missed almost half of last season due to injury.  Davis, a 2010 draft pick is the real deal.  I would be not be surprised to see him in the Pro Bowl in his first season.  Excellent size.

Seattle SeahawksSean Locklear and Russell Okung

Locklear, according to, excels as a pass blocker and is expected to be the starting right tackle.  Okung is another 2010 draft pick, and like Davis, has Pro Bowl potential on a consistent basis. 

St. Louis Rams Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold

Smith, like much of the Rams team, struggled a bit in the 2009 season, but still has time to prove his worthiness as the second pick overall in the NFL Draft.  Saffold is another 2010 pick.  He has good size, but not projected to realistically as good as either Davis in San Francisco or Okung in Seattle.