Meet Cardinals Receiver Andre Roberts


I had the chance to interview new Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Andre Roberts, the third round draft pick from The Citadel.I asked him some questions about his school, his new team, and advice he’s received so far.

Raising Zona: Even though training camp is just about to start, with the mini camps you’ve completed, what differences have you noticed between college and NFL?

"Roberts: “The size of the play book is a big difference and the speed of everything is definitely different. And everyone is fast.”"

Raising Zona: With the departure of Anquan Boldin, that moves everyone up one on the depth chart.  Do you believe you have a great chance to be this team’s number 3 or 4 receiver?

"Roberts: “I do believe I have a great chance at being the number 3 or 4.  I just need to learn my plays and gain the confidence of the quarterback and I believe I’ll be right there in the hunt.”"

Raising Zona: Given your talents and numbers at The Citadel, the Cardinals selected you in the third round. Do you feel like you still are going to have to prove a lot to people given your size?

"Roberts: “Definitely.  I believe I’m going to have to prove a lot because I don’t think everybody believes in my abilities to play so I’m ready to prove people wrong.”"

Raising Zona: I read you really wanted nothing to do with a military career. Why did you choose to go to The Citadel?

"Roberts: “Because I had a military background with both my parents, and I knew it would be a good structure environment coming out of high school.”"

Raising Zona: Weren’t there other FCS schools you could have gone too?

"Roberts: “Yes there were”"

Raising Zona: That being said, are you happy with the choice to go to The Citadel?

"Roberts: “I am happy with the choice I made. I got my degree and it helped me grow as a person.”"

Raising Zona: Have you had the chance to talk with other receivers on the Cardinals roster yet and if so, what advice have they provided you?

"Roberts:  “Yes of course I’ve talked to all the receivers.  As far as advice, they’ve told me that things don’t happen in a day or a week – things take time and don’t get frustrated if you’ve had a bad practice.  Just make sure not to make the same mistakes and progressively get better. “"

I thank Andre for taking the time out of his busy training camp preparations to answer some questions.  Good luck to him and the rest of the team heading to Flagstaff this week!  Click here to join his fans on his Facebook page!