Player Profile: Dan Williams


First-round draft pick Dan Williams is in camp after signing his contract a couple of days ago.  He is trying to get used to the elevation in Flagstaff after two days of practice with another on the way this evening.  The question is, did he already miss too much time or is the nose tackle just fine and poised to even start a few games this season?

Williams, from Tennessee, had 70 tackles last season as a senior and that's what has impressed Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt the most.  He says that proves he is very active on the field.  He's not the biggest nose tackle, but he is big enough and gets the job done.

With a guy like Darnell Dockett to follow around, Williams should be just fine on the defensive line, one that is increasingly becoming one of the more impressive ones in the NFL.  Williams also understands his place right now as a rookie.  He is gladly carrying his pads.  He seems humbled by the NFL experience so far by listening to him in radio interviews.  He seems to be a very smart guy and someone who is smart, athletic, down to earth, not overwhelmed, and willing to do what it takes to learn, is someone who is going to be around a long time.  I'm certain the Cards are counting on it.