Kurt Warner is No Brett Favre


As we sit here on Tuesday evening thinking about the poor performance of the Arizona Cardinals first team offense this past Saturday against the Houston Texans one has to wonder, would the Cards pull a Minnesota Vikings move with Brett Favre and send three players to talk Kurt Warner into coming out of retirement?  The answer – NO WAY!

First of all Brett Favre and the Vikings are ridiculous.  If I was running that team, no way do I sent three players away from camp down to Mississippi to talk Favre into coming back.  I also would have placed an August 1st deadline to get his ass in camp like everyone else.  I’m ok with Favre rehabbing in camp if he is going to play one more season.  Even if he isn’t playing, he is with his team.  That’s right Brett Favre, I said TEAM.  You remember what that is?  Well, the Green Bay Packers clearly thought you forgot that concept a couple of years ago.  Your on again off again retirement for the past eight summers has just grown tiresome.  It’s not all your fault though.  The media is much to blame for that too.

Secondly, Kurt Warner has too much class to put his team through all of this.  Warner retired once and he will stay that way.  He retired two weeks after the end of the season for the Cardinals.  Why so soon?  So he wouldn’t keep the Cardinals in limbo for six months, especially with Matt Leinart in the wings.  Favre left Aaron Rodgers hanging for 5 years.

Could you imagine if the Cards sent three players to talk Warner out of retirement?  Well, they wouldn’t have to take a private jet to get to him since he lives in the Valley.  Seriously though, those three Vikings were allowed to leave training camp for that!  The Vikings are just as culpable in all of this.  They allowed Favre to leave them hanging this long.  They allowed Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to hang, although I could imagine neither one of them are surprised by Favre going back to Minnesota today.

Just one note to the Cardinals when they visit Minnesota this season.  Sweep the leg!  In all seriousness though, just retire Favre.  I know you are probably better at 40 than most QB’s at 25, but enough is enough.  You had your time in the limelight.