Aisle 5: Cereal, Peanut Butter, Matt Leinart


If you are an NFL team not currently named the Arizona Cardinals, good news for you!  Cards quarterback Matt Leinart is for sale!  According to reports , the current Cards quarterback is being shopped by your Cardinals.  From the sounds of it, not too many of you are disappointed by that either.

It's not really a surprise though, is it?  Derek Anderson is starting against the Washington Redskins on Thursday.  After practice yesterday, Leinart criticized the way his demotion this past Saturday was handled.  Now, Leinart and coach Ken Whisenhunt apparently cleared the air, however it may have been a case of too little too late.

At least the Cards are willing to see what they can get in return rather than just waiving Leinart outright, which is what they may end up doing anyways.  As Leinart is, I'm just disappointed in the timing.  I'm not sure Leinart was ever in the favor of Whisenhunt.  Leinart was more of Dennis Green's guy.  I think from a public relations standpoint, the only move is to allow Leinart some playing time this Thursday.  Unfortunately it's a case of too late for him.

I just hope after Thursday, they make quick work of a decision.  If Leinart is the guy, let him start and give him at least two to three games under center.  He needs some consistent work.  If not here, then dump him immediately following the Washington game.  It will be tough enough for him to catch on with another team.  Problem is, if he can't catch on here by now, my guess is he won't be able to anywhere else.