Cardinals Face Redskins


It's the least interesting game of the season, preseason included.  The fourth game of the preseason is typically reserved for the guys trying to make the last few available roster spots.  The Arizona Cardinals figure to play some starters early.  Don't expect many from their opponent, the Washington Redskins.

Tonight's game is exactly the reason why I can't wait for the NFL to implement the 18-game regular season schedule.  It will make the two preseason games more meaningful and by now we would be playing for real.  Hopefully it will pass and we can be on that by 2012.

Probably the most interesting storyline from the game will be how much quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson play.  Don't expect them to play too much.  However Anderson will start.

There are some positions that are still on the line.  Offensive line, wide receiver, cornerback, they all have interesting battles that will be decided upon after tonight's game.  Sure we call it meaningless, but I guarantee you for at least half the guys out there tonight, it will mean something to them.

It means it could be the start of a great career.  It also means it could be the last time some of those players ever put on a helmet on an NFL field.  Most of the guys that are going to be cut from the Cardinals, you can probably expect to get another shot somewhere down the road, maybe even on the practice squad in Arizona or elsewhere.

All I know is...after tonight, we lace them up for real!