Final Roster Moves to be Announced


According to Darren Urban of, coach Ken Whisenhunt is going to speak to the media at noon about the final roster cuts for the Arizona Cardinals.

So who do you think is in, who is out?  Is this finally Matt Leinart’s last day as an Arizona Cardinal?  Will Max Hall be the backup, the undrafted rookie from BYU?

Not sure if we will hear anything on him or not but I would not be completely shocked to see him released.  I also would not be shocked to see him remain on the roster until the Cards can see the full scope of other teams cuts.

These moves are not only intriguing because they are the last cuts to get to 53 but also because all of the other cuts were made yesterday.  So, you ask yourself, what does a difference in a day make?  What decisions were made today that couldn’t have been made yesterday and why?  Were these cuts difficult?  Were they that close to making the team or was it just a case of further evaluation?  It certainly can’t be the case of not enough evaluation at this point.

You have a couple of good fights for spots in the defensive backfield and on the offensive line.  I don’t think you will see many cuts on the OL now that Reggie Wells is gone though.  It is still all going to boil down to the most interesting storyline through all of this….can the Cardinals carry four quarterbacks if that’s how they choose to go?

We’ll wait and see what happens at noon.