Houshmandzadeh Out in Seattle


Another shocking cut today in the NFC West, receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh was let go by the Seattle Seahawks today.

Although this move had been rumored for a couple of days, the end result is still shocking, especially considering the salary he was being paid.  Housmandzadeh though didn't perform to expectations.  Replacing him?  That would be Mike Williams, former USC receiver and first round pick the Detroit Lions.

It should come as no surprise that new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll would covet a former USC guy over someone else.  Really what it came down to though was production.  I don't think it was all Houshmadzadeh's fault though.  It's hard to be the guy when the other guy is personally loved more.

Essentially, Housmandzadeh will get paid $15 million for one season in Seattle.  He will receive the remaining money due to him on his current contract, then he can go sign for a minimum amount with someone else, making him a good, no great, gamble for another NFL team.