Leinart Puts the Boot to Booty in Houston


Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart has found a home.  His new home is in Texas with the Houston Texans.

It didn’t take long for Leinart to find his new home, however reports are Houston was the only team that showed any remote interest in signing him after he was dumped by the Cardinals, his only home in his four previous NFL seasons.

Leinart’s signing means the Texans had to dump one of their quarterbacks.  The odd man out: John David Booty, another USC alum.  That means Leinart will become the third quarterback for the Texans, for now.

Doesn’t it seem interesting that he wasn’t willing to be the backup in Arizona, but is willing to take a third string job in Houston?  He most likely won’t be third string too long.  He needs to figure out Houston’s system though.  He will be in the wings waiting, probably for a while too, with starter Matt Schaub running things for the Texans offense.

It is a fresh start for Leinart though.  At least he has found a home and can earn a weekly paycheck.  I’ve always gotten the sense though it is much more about playing rather than the paycheck for him, that’s what makes this move interesting to me.  I realize no one else was willing to take a flyer on him, but he grabbed the first thing that came along.

For Leinart, I hope it works out, I really do.  Maybe he can find the happiness in Houston he couldn’t find in Arizona?  Would he have been better served by waiting for a team that needed another quarterback?  Maybe.  This will give him another chance.  He may not see the football field in 2010, but at least he gets to see a locker room.