Cardinals Fantasy Outlook vs. Rams


The Arizona Cardinals open the season this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams in St. Louis.

Both teams will be starting new quarterbacks.  St. Louis’s Sam Bradford is making his NFL regular season debut. So who are good bets for fantasy picks this Sunday in this matchup? Keep in mind, these are just my opinions based on information I know.

A look at the Cardinals:

Safe bet:

Tim Hightower – he might be the only safe bet on the offensive side of the ball on Sunday

Better than average chance of doing well:

Derek Anderson – hey it might be his first regular season game with the Cardinals, but he is a vet and this IS the Rams.

Questionable starts:

Beanie Wells – coach Ken Whisenhunt was optimistic he’d play.  I don’t like the sound of that.

Larry Fitzgerald – he’ll play.  The question will be how will he respond after missing most of the preseason?

St. Louis

Safe bet:

Steven Jackson – always a safe bet.  He did well against the Cards last year.

Questionable start:

Sam Bradford – if you have him and your starter is Matt Leinart, then maybe move him off the bench.  Just is a hard sell for me going into his first game.  Then again, I fully expect him to torch the Cards secondary at least once.  More I talk about it, more starting him makes sense!  Seriously though – might want to wait to see how he pans out for a few games.