Cardinals Do Enough to Defeat Rams


Final score from St. Louis:  The Arizona Cardinals defeats the St. Louis Rams 17-13.

Where do you start?  The Arizona Cardinals don’t look that great.  They had flashes of brilliance on Sunday, but they need to work on a few things, such as:

  • Holding on to the ball, Mr. Tim Hightower
  • Timing between Larry Fitzgerald and Derek Anderson will need to improve, but that last touchdown was a nice start.  Fitz was thrown to 15 times, only caught three passes
  • Penalties.  Too many of them today
  • Offensive line protection.  You have to give Derek Anderson time to throw

For those of you calling for Max Hall.  Not yet.  Please.  I realize DA wasn’t on with a lot of his passes.  I had several people tweet me or text me saying they could throw better passes.  Well, maybe, at times.  He did leave a number of passes short.  Bottom line, he did enough to win today.  He didn’t throw an interception, although a few could have been picked.  Fact is, they weren’t picked.  I realize this was just St. Louis, but a win is a win in the NFL.

The players of the game:

Steve Breaston.  7 receptions for 132 yards.  Too bad he didn’t get a TD with those receptions.

LaRod Stephens Howling. 7 rushes for 49 yards.  Every time he touched the ball, you had a feeling he was one step away from breaking it.

Adrian Wilson. 2 interceptions, sack, blocked field goal.  If he isn’t NFC Defensive Player of the Week, then they should stop giving that award out.  Without his blocked field goal, the Rams could have been driving for a field goal for the win, not a touchdown.

I know it’s St. Louis.  A win is a win though.  next week gets MUCH tougher though.  The Atlanta Falcons are on the horizon and they had a tough loss today.  Let’s hope the Cards work on their issues this week in practice, especially those penalties.