Adrian Wilson NFC Defensive Player of the Week


As I predicted after the Arizona Cardinals win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, safety Adrian Wilson was named NFC Defensive Player of the Week today.  How could he not after numbers like these:

  • 2 Interceptions
  • 1 sack
  • 1 Blocked Field Goal

Sounds like a full month to me.  Wilson now has 25 career interceptions and 21.5 career sacks.  He is only the 10th player in NFL history with at least 20 of  both.  Quite impressive.

What hope is that Wilson can keep up his level of play without the No Fun League getting involved.  I thought for a second on Sunday after the sack of Sam Bradford, that he would be flagged for some kind of illegal hit.  I really did worry about that.

Wilson is the most tenured player on the Cards roster.  He clearly is on his way to yet another Pro Bowl.  Let’s just hope he is not the only representative this season.