Beanie Officially Inactive


Well, no surprise here, Beanie Wells has officially been listed as inactive for the Arizona Cardinals game against the Atlanta Falcons.

So, here the keys to a Cardinals victory today:

Must gain a better balance on offense.  In order to do that Tim Hightower is going to need to make sure none of his balls hits the ground.  A couple of fumbles, and the Cards will fall behind and be forced to pass the balance of the afternoon.

Crowd control.  This is the Falcons home opener.  It's a loud place to begin with.  Falcons are 13-3 in the (head coach) Mike Smith era.  The way to control the crowd is to control the tempo of the game, on both sides of the ball.

Pressure the quarterback.  Darnell Dockett and friends must create constant pressure on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan if they wish to rattle this good quarterback at home.