NFC West Roundup


After two weeks of the NFL season, your Arizona Cardinals have managed to remain in first place despite getting trounced in Atlanta yesterday 41-7.  A poor outing by the Seattle Seahawks in Denver has them tied for first with the Cards.  The St. Louis Rams played decent in Oakland, but still lost.  The San Francisco 49’ers played better last evening against the New Orleans Saints, however turnovers ultimately did them in.

The Seattle Seahawks went to Denver and many, including yours truly, felt there was a chance after the great week one at home, they could go into Denver and pull off a victory.  They played the Broncos close, but in the end Denver pulled away and it was never a contest in the second half.  This week they host the San Diego Chargers.

The St. Louis Rams played decent in Oakland and could have easily won the game.  Again, they played their opponent close, much like they did in week one against the Arizona Cardinals.  Sam Bradford didn’t quite put up the numbers he did in week one, however he was still serviceable and made few mistakes.  Oakland ended up winning 16-14.  This week the Rams host the Washington Redskins.  Let’s see if the Skins DeAngelo Hall can back up his tough talk after an overtime loss against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers are quickly becoming the bust of the NFL, at least of the NFC in the first two weeks.  If it weren’t for the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings, all the talk might be centered on the shortcomings of the Niners so far.  After last night’s loss to the Saints 25-22, they’ve fallen to 0-2, when many thought they could be 2-0 at this point.  Granted it is early, however the Cardinals issues don’t seem to be as big at this point with the troubles going on up north.  This week they head to the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs.  Raise your hand if you thought the 2-0 team in this match up would be the Chiefs.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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