Beanie Wells Likely to See Action


Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells is likely to see his first action of the season on Sunday when they host the Oakland Raiders.  If you are a fantasy owner though, don't get too excited.  I wouldn't expect to see Beanie out there for 20-30 carries.  He will see some playing time, but right now you've got to be careful.  Why you ask?  Well, that's because Wells had surgery on his knee.

Say what?

Oh yeah, the Cards forgot to tell us that Beanie had his knee worked on while he was nursing his injury the past couple of weeks.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt said it really wasn't one of those things you could put a time frame on, that's why it wasn't mentioned.  Hmmm.  Has he been talking to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, the master of no forthcoming information when it comes to injuries?

Well, probably not, but I do find it a little troubling the info wasn't shared.  As a fantasy owner of Wells, I'm doubly mad.  I can't hold that one on the team though.  Like they care about the impact of any fantasy stuff.

All I know is that it will be good to have Wells on the field again.  Maybe he can at least spell Tim Hightower for a few snaps.  Not that Hightower got a lot of work last week.  He only carried the ball 11 times.  Hardly a full days work.

If all goes well this week and no further damage is done, you'll probably find going forward the running attack balance this team needs in order to succeed this season.  There are some tough games coming up against the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.  The Cards are going to need as many healthy bodies as they can heading into that tough early October stretch prior to the bye week on October 17th.