Finding Five Positives From Loss to Chargers


There will be a lot of negative chat out there this week in regards to the Arizona Cardinals and rightfully so.  However, even in some of the most negative situations you can find something positive to talk about.  I found at least five positives from Sunday’s blowout 41-10 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

1. Max Hall, who replaced Derek Anderson in the second quarter, didn’t throw any interceptions.  In fact, he made a couple of pretty nice throws.

2. Jay Feely.  He hasn’t had much activity through the first four games, however he hit a 53 yard field goal Sunday.  That was very nice to see.  It is good to know Feely has the distance to go with the accuracy.  You may see quite a number more long field goals this season.

3.  Cards are still in first place.  At 2-2, they are tied with the Seattle Seahawks, who they play in three weeks in Seattle.  They are also tied with the St. Louis Rams, a team they currently hold the tie-breaker on thanks to week one’s victory in St. Louis.

4. Greg Toler.  That man can put a hit on someone.  In fact, one of his hits created the only touchdown of the day when he jarred the ball loose from the Chargers’ Darren Sproles.

5. Larry Fitzgerald.  He was definitely more involved from the get-go today.  That was obviously part of the plan.  It was unfortunate he didn’t a chance to get more action or score.  It appears he was more of himself today. He may not be 100 percent yet, but it was nice to see him catch some passes he wasn’t catching the first couple of weeks.