Whisenhunt Jokes About ‘Wildcat’


Someone asked coach Ken Whisenhunt today if he had made any decisions on next week's starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in their game at home against the New Orleans Saints.  The answer?

"“I think we’re going to go without one this week” said Whisenhunt."

At least he came with a sense of humor in reference to using the Wildcat.   That's nice to see given the Cards just came off their second whipping in the past three weeks.  You got to have a sense of humor though.  I think Whiz realized first of all that the question would be asked.  Secondly, he knows it is a question that will continue to be asked until he comes up with the real answer.

I say go for it.  Why not?  What do you have to lose?  You might gain more than the 124 yards you came up with Sunday in San Diego.  It has been quite frustrating to watch the Cards move the ball.  The Cards didn't run the ball as much yesterday and it's no surprise why.  When you are getting blown out and the other team knows what your plan is, you have to go in a different direction.

The Cards need to find a solution somehow.  I'm all for taking ideas.  I'm sure Whiz is too so you have to wonder if he was just half joking about the Wildcat on Sunday?  Either way, don't expect a starter to be named until the end of the week.  Be careful what you wish for.