Cardinals Get Desperate


I don’t know what else to call it when your team is 2-2, tied for first place in the division and decide to turn over the starting quarterback job to an undrafted rookie?

That undrafted rookie is Max HallArizona Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt confirmed today that he will start Hall in place of the struggling Derek Anderson on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.  It’s not a move that was that unexpected.  In fact, many Cards fans have been clamoring for Hall since the preseason.  Now, they get their wish.  I just want people to know, be careful what you wish for, especially when your team is clearly weeks away from being out of the division race.

Five reasons why this is a good move:

1. Hall brings an energy that Anderson doesn’t

2. Hall has an “it” factor that the coaches and fans alike love

3. Is good if this is a save the season move rather than a desperate one, which it unfortunately sounds like to me

4. Hall already has a full half-game under his belt replacing Anderson and has the first time jitters out of his system

5. Because in coach Whiz we believe

Five reasons why this is not a good move:

1. Bad move if this is a move towards the future and this isn’t a win at all costs now move

2. Although he played poorly, Anderson really still hasn’t been given a fair shot.  He wasn’t made the starter until just before week one.  He had two so-so games and two very poor games.  With the team still in first place in a weak division, he should have been given at least this week to start.

3. Hall lacks veteran leadership Anderson brings.

4. There is a reason why Hall went undrafted.  I don’t know those reasons, but there is a reason the other 31 teams passed on him.

5. It appears to be a desperate move by a desperate team and this gives feed to the harshest of Cards critics.