NFL Power Rankings: Week Five


Each that passes continues to surprise me with many teams.  Anyone else feel like Detroit could be 3-1 instead of 0-4?  Anyone think St. Louis is a couple of plays away from being 4-0?  The first quarter of the season is in the books.  Here are my weekly power rankings.

32. Buffalo Bills - Horrible.  What else can you say?  I say I'm taking them against Jacksonville this week.  Weird huh?

31. Tampa Bay Bucs - A very deceiving 2-1.  Will be 2-2 after a visit to Cincy this weekend.

30. San Francisco 49ers - I only don't put them last because they aren't getting blown out.  Most disappointing NFL team.

29. Carolina Panthers - Many many issues to deal with.

28. Detroit Lions - Soon they will learn how to close games out.

27. Oakland Raiders - Close, but yet so far away.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Lucky to be 2-2.  Easily could be 0-4, but fact is 2-2 and in first place.  Sad.

25. Seattle Seahawks - Just a little better than the Cards because they avoid blowout losses.

24. Cleveland Browns - Nice win for the Browns over the Bengals.  Peyton Hillis is the real deal.

23. Miami Dolphins - Special teams awful.  At least they started doing something about it by firing the coach.

22. St. Louis Rams - If they can get a big road win, it will go a long way in determining just how far they've come.

21. Dallas Cowboys - I have a feeling this ranking is going to improve quite a bit real soon.

20. Tennessee Titans - Too many turnovers.  Should have defeated Denver at home.

19. Minnesota Vikings - Now they have Randy Moss.  You're welcome Brett Favre.

18. New York Giants - They may be 2-2, but this team has a lot of issues.

17. Philadelphia Eagles - Welcome back Kevin Kolb.  Welcome back losing.

16. San Diego Chargers-  Nice whipping of the Cards.  Um, you still lost to the Seahawks and Chiefs.

15. Cincinnati Bengals - Still not sure about these guys, but a bad loss to the Browns.

14. Washington Redskins - Showed toughness with win in Philly.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars - Very nice win against Indy.  That is the Jags team I expected to see.

12. Denver Broncos - Surprised me in Tennessee.  Kyle Orton playing better than expected.

11. Indianapolis Colts - Lots of injuries.  You might see more losses like last Sunday in Jacksonville.

10. Chicago Bears - Sure they are 3-1, however with Todd Collins behind the wheel this week, its not looking good.

9. Kansas City Chiefs - A win over the Colts would send this team to the top.  Only undfeated team remaining.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers - Tough loss to Baltimore.  They get Big Ben back this week.

7. New England Patriots -Thank God for the special teams.  Without them, nothing special about this team.

6. Green Bay Packers -Not as good as I thought.  Lucky to win over Detroit.

5. Houston Texans - 3-1 and should roll over the Giants this week.

4. Baltimore Ravens - Nice late game win over Steelers.

3. Atlanta Falcons - After getting down 14-0 to the Niners, I thought they were done.  Nice comeback.

2. New Orleans Saints - Not a lot of bad things to say.  They win the close games.  Sign of another championship team.

1. New York Jets - From #32 in week 1 to #1.  I guess they aren't who I thought they were.