Gameday Preview: Saints vs. Cardinals


Blowout: noun


: a festive social affair


: a bursting of a container (as a tire) by pressure of the contents on a weak spot


: an uncontrolled eruption of an oil or gas well


: an easy or one-sided victory


: a valley or depression created by the wind in areas of shifting sand or of light cultivated soil

The New Orleans Saints (3-1) are coming marching in.  They are only the defending Super Bowl champs, although they really haven't played much like the well-oiled offensive machine they were in 2009.  They could break out at any time though.  With the way the Arizona Cardinals defense has played, Sunday could be the day.

The Cardinals are stating undrafted rookie Max Hall at quarterback.  We all know that now.  The big question is, how will he perform. Most opinions give it a better chance of Phoenix seeing snow on Christmas Day than Hall leading the Cards to victory against the Saints.  I would probably give it a little better chance than that.

Now, if you look at the definition of the word blowout, number four appears to apply most aptly to the Cards.  Obviously.  However, the Saints could apply the first definition before it is all said and done.  A festive affair.  Sure, maybe one-sided, but festive nonetheless.  Local media doesn't give the Cards much of a chance.

Surprise: noun


a : an attack made without warning b : a taking unawares


: something that surprises


: the state of being surprised : astonishment

I'd say don't be surprised if Hall is able to control the offense and move the ball a bit, however just from hearing opinions this week, it sounds like they would get the surprise of their lives if that were to occur.  Personally, I was all for giving Derek Anderson one more chance, but it is what it is.  Hall is getting his shot.  I think he plays better on Sunday than most will predict at this point.  I don't think it will be a huge blowout as long as the Cards don't turn it over and especially if they don't kill themselves with penalties.  Those almost hurt more.  However, I still don't think it will be enough.  Cards play better at home, but not better than the Saints on the road.

New Orleans 34  Arizona 20