Hall Serviceable; Not Rookie of the Week


When I heard Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall was up for Rookie of the Week this week, I did a double take. I had to ask myself, why? It must have been slim pickens in the rookie performance pool this week. Then I saw who was up against him.

Brandon Graham, Eagles - he had two tackles and a sack
Alterraun Verner, Titans - eight tackles and an interception
Ndamukong Suh, Lions - three tackles and an interception
Mike Williams, Bucs - seven catches for 99 yards and a TD

Hall played well, but his stats don't jump off the stat sheet. Is he getting recognized because his team won and he didn't cause them to lose? Hardly a reason to be Rookie of the Week, especially given his competition. I love Hall's toughness, love the fact he didn't play bad enough to lose, but I like the other four guys performances better.