Hall Apparently Ready for Seattle Noise


It's one thing to practice and prepare.  It's another to go out and perform in the real thing.  Arizona Cardinals quarterback Max Hall has said he is ready to deal with the noise he will face against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, affectionately dubbed "False Start Field".

Ok, I'll buy it until I see it proven otherwise.

With Seattle's Qwest Field ranked number one in offensive false starts in the NFL, Hall will face a tough crowd.  However, I found out today that University of Phoenix Stadium is number two.  Of course Hall doesn't have much experience there either, but he should know how loud it can get.

What Hall can't let happen is allow the crowd noise to get into his head and once a mistake is made, don't use the crowd noise as an excuse.  Publicly I know he never would admit it, but inside if things go south, you'd have to think Hall has decided the crowd noise was too much for him and would explain away a bad game.

As I mentioned the other day, in order to stay out trouble and not let the crowd get into the game, a balanced attack in the running and passing game is necessary.  I realize Seattle's rushing defense is ranked second in the NFL, but that still shouldn't sway the Cards from allowing Beanie Wells to run at will.

Wells ran great against Seattle last season.  Seattle is a little banged up.  This is a good time to give the ball to Beanie 18-20 times.  I also realize the San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore only managed 38 yards in the season opener against the Seahawks.

Let's have faith in Hall and believe him when he says he's ready.  I just sure hope he has faith in his words and backs them up on the field on Sunday.