Five NFL Coaches Quotes You Won’t Hear from Coach Whiz


You can say a lot of things about Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt.  He’s too conservative, he doesn’t present a balance attack on offense, he can’t pick the right quarterback to run this team and on and on.  One thing you will never hear from the man is a quote that either throws his team under the bus, an individual player under the bus, something negative about another team, or proclaim things that can’t be delivered by promise, basically crazy talk.

However, there was plenty of other things overheard this weekend around the NFL from other coaches.  I compiled the top five quotes from other NFL coaches this weekend that you won’t hear from Coach Whiz.

"1. “It still goes back to taking care of the football.  You can’t throw it to them.  You’ve got to play within the confines of our system.  Sometimes it is O.K. to punt the football and you can’t give seven points going the other way.  Not in a game like this.  Not with a high-powered team.” –Brad Childress, head coach, Minnesota Vikings"

WOW.  Talk about throwing quarterback Brett Favre under the bus.  Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said his coach, Bill Belichick, would never do that to him.  You might hear Whiz talk about taking care of the football, but he would do it in a more subtle manner.  Listen, if Childress doesn’t want Favre in the game, and it has sounded like he hasn’t been his biggest fan since he joined the Vikings in 2009, only going after Favre in training camp this season knowing what else he had to work with, then he needs to be honest with himself and save his team from disaster.  He needs to sit Favre while he is injured.

"2. “I still believe we can go to the playoffs” – Mike Singletary, head coach, San Francisco 49’ers"

At 1-6, of course, I would believe the same things.  That’s of course I also knew the rest of the NFL was going to forfeit their season.  Say what?  Is it possible?  Of course, that’s why you play the games.  Is it probable?  Heck and no.  To even finish at .500, the Niners have to go 7-2 in their final nine games.  What makes anyone think they can win seven of nine?  They just lost six of seven to start the season. I guess coaching reflects ownership.  Owner Jed York said the same thing in a tweet the week before.  Delusional.  Whisenhunt certainly would never proclaim anything like that at 1-6.  He will never count his team out, but will never make outlandish proclamations either.

"3. “I mean, you are what your record says you are in this league, and right now we’re tied for the fewest losses (in the National Football Conference), so that makes us the best team.” – Raheem Morris, head coach, Tampa Bay Bucs"

I guess he hasn’t seen many good teams then.  Yeah, he’s defeated St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Carolina.  The combined record of those teams?  That would be 9-18.  The combined records of the teams they’ve lost to.  Yeah, that would be 9-4, being outscored 69-19 in those two games.  Now, Arizona is 3-3, but pretty much in the same boat.  Winning close games against subpar teams and getting blown out in losses.  I don’t think I’ve heard Whiz mention one word about their record.

"4. “This is a good running football team.  They haven’t run the ball a lot yet for whatever reason” – Pete Carroll, head coach, Seattle Seahawks"

So thanks for the coaching tips coach Carroll.  That comment was directed at the Arizona Cardinals, yesterday, after the game.  Basically he is saying, “I don’t get you guys, you should run the ball more.”  Well, we’ll take it from here rah-rah man.  Why don’t you go worry about your offensive line and your own offense, which, if not for five Cards turnovers, may not have scored more than a couple of field goals on Sunday.

"5. “It’s Mike” – Andy Reid, head coach, Philadelphia Eagles"

That was Reid’s response after Sunday’s game as to who would be the starting quarterback in the Eagles next game after the bye week.  Another WOW!  I mean, at least let quarterback Kevin Kolb get dressed and on the team bus before you make a decision to go back to Vick.  Whiz will tell you honestly if he is sticking with a guy, but if he is thinking of changing, he isn’t making that call right after a game and that’s what Whiz basically said after the game that Max Hall replaced Derek Anderson in San Diego.  Whiz would never go to the next guy immediately following a game, always saying he will watch game film first to make a determination, even if he has made a choice in his mind.