Turnovers, Poor Pass Defense, Send Cards to 38-35 Loss


What was the one thing the Arizona Cardinals said they needed to improve on in order to start winning games like the one they lost in Seattle last week?  That's right turnovers.  As you know by now, that didn't work out so well.  The Cards turned the ball over four times and the Cards secondary was torched for big play after big play en route to a 38-35 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday.

Cards quarterback Max Hall, who started his third game, threw two interceptions, both returned for touchdowns.  That was enough to send him to the bench.  He was replaced by Derek Anderson.  Anderson himself threw two interceptions, including a crucial one with a little over two minutes left in the game as the Cards were driving for the tying or go-ahead score.

Anderson played better than usual, however, his second interception could have been picked by you or I.  He clearly stared down his intended receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, who was tripled covered.  He never looked at another option on the play.  Just when you think Anderson is getting together, because he led a couple of really nice drives, he breaks your heart with a play like that.  Hall wasn't any better overall than he was last week.  He telegraphed his throws and just doesn't have the arm to get away with mistakes like the ones he made on Sunday.

So that begs the question, once more, who is the best option for the Cards at quarterback going forward?  It's a question I know I'm already tired of asking and trying to answer.  I said early on we should have stuck with Anderson until the Cards were ready to throw in the towel on the season.  Then when they went with Hall, I thought it might be better just to stick with him no matter what happened.  Now, after the way Anderson came in and rejuvenated the offense and moved the ball, the question gets asked again.  Who gives the Cards the best option to win.  Right now, the answer may be no one.  At this point though, with the division still up for grabs and may still be yet a four-team race, I say stick with Anderson.  It may come down to whoever give the best chance to win in-game.  Hall has proven he isn't ready.  Once the Cards are mathematically eliminated, then start the Hall project back up.