Cardinals Will Have Tough Time Winning West


As weak as the NFC West is, after losing a game they should have won on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Arizona Cardinals are going to have a tough time winning the NFC West.  That much became evident when the one facet of the team that seemed to be improving, the defense, had a melt down against at best, a mediocre team when it came to offense.

With the quarterback situation in limbo, probably for the balance of the season, you never know what you'll get on offense with the Cards.  This week, I wouldn't look for much scoring in Minnesota.  I would be shocked if they score more than 10 points.

So, where will the wins come from the rest of the season?  If you look at the schedule, on paper, they should win eight of their last nine games.  We all know that won't happen.  Take away the two tough road games left in Minnesota and Kansas City, the Cards should still win seven of nine.  Should.  That was the Cards mantra for so long before the Ken Whisenhunt era.  Should have won.  Get ready for it again.

Here is what I see happening for the remainder of the season:

@Minnesota - L

Seattle - W

@Kansas City - L

San Francisco (Mon Night) - W

St. Louis - W

Denver - W

@Carolina - L

Dallas - W

@San Francisco - L

That puts them at 8-8.  I still think it takes nine wins to win the division.  If St. Louis keeps winning at home and pulls out a surprise on the road, maybe, just maybe, even Arizona, they could finish 9-7.  Seattle got blown out on the road in Oakland.  Same thing happened to them in Denver.  Unless they lose at home though, the Hawks probably prevail.  Cards are going to need to step it up in one of those losses I put on them, as in, avoid turning the ball over, in order to even be mentioned in the NFC West race the rest of the season.