Cards Victory on Sunday Could Spell End For Vikes’ Childress


Quick, name one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL this year.  If you named the Minnesota Vikings, give yourself a pat on the back.  As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to head north to play the Vikings this Sunday, it could also be the last game in the Brad Childress era if they somehow manage to lose to the heavy underdog Cards at the Metrodome.

The Vikings, at 2-5, one game worse than the Cards at 3-4, it has been anything but roses in the Twin Cities this season.  First, you have the poor record.  Then you had the Brett Favre controversy.  Most recently the who Randy Moss fiasco, in which he was a member of the team for of 25 days.

What's next?  Lose to the Cards on Sunday and I'm sure you'll find out.  Losing to a team such as the Cards, who are losing by an average of 26 points on the road this season, a team that is as unsettled in the quarterback position as Indonesia is on the Pacific Shelf, would be the icing on the cake.

Childress messed up by bringing Moss in and admitted as much this week.  He also can be blamed for wanting to bring Favre back.  What seems to be the most interesting though is he seems to be afraid.  He is afraid of playing without Favre, as much as he publicly chides him for his play or says he was close to taking him out of a game.

After all, it was Childress who mandated the three-player charter to go retrieve Favre for another season in Minnesota.  It was Childress who all of last week said that he may end up sitting Favre even if he was better.  Did Favre play?  You bet.  Only another injury to his chin, which required 10 stitches, got Favre out of the game.  It took an open wound to relieve Favre if for even just a part of the game.

Childress is afraid to play without Favre.  However, it may not matter much anymore with a loss to Arizona.  Minnesota has squandered opportunities against Green Bay, Miami, and the NY Jets.  They've only defeated the hapless Cowboys and Lions.  Something is missing from the Vikings.  Not being in Minnesota it's hard to pinpoint the exact causes for that, but I guarantee the problem starts with Favre and ends with Favre.  It's all the in-between that's murky.

I find it hard to believe Minnesota loses this week at home though given the Cards knack for playing poorly in road games where the crowd is a factor.  It is even harder to believe the Cards can pull off a win with Derek Anderson driving the bus this weekend.  However, lose to Derek Anderson and Childress will be given a one-way bus ticket right out of town and most likely fast.