Beanie Wells Watch Wednesday


Last week, Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells was limited in practice due to swelling in his knee.  He ended up being limited in Wednesday and Thursday practices last week before participating on Friday.  Then coach Ken Whisenhunt kept Wells active for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, yet Wells only carried the ball once for -2 yards.

So, that had me waiting to find out what Beanie Wells would do in today's first practice of the week, had many of us waiting I'm sure.  So what was the news on Wells today?  Yeah, he didn't practice.  More swelling in the knee apparently.  Whisenhunt has a policy of don't practice, don't play.  I have no issue with that.  However why was Wells active last Sunday?  Still boggles the mind.

Now that Wells has failed to participate in the first practice of the week as the Cardinals get ready to face the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday in Glendale, it makes you wonder, how will the soap opera end this week?  In my opinion, if Wells is limited all week or does not participate, just inactivate him and allow someone else to take up the roster spot for the game.

Wells' knee has been an ongoing saga.  This was the issue I had with the Cards drafting him in the first place.  He had injury issues at Ohio State, although he only missed three games in his career at OSU.  However Wells has looked great when given the chance to play.

My only issue is this now.  If Wells is not healthy, then don't drag it out.  Just tell us he is being sat for the game.  I realize for the sake of the opponent you don't want to tip your hand too much, but it can't be for a lack of productivity when he is out there, can it?  granted, Tim Hightower managed to make it through the Vikings game without putting the ball on the ground, but Wells deserves to play if he can.

We'll see what happens tomorrow and Friday but I'm not holding my breath on his chances to play.