Beanie Wells Limited in Practice, Still Likely to Play


So Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells doesn't practice or is limited in practice all week and he is still going to play on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks?  Hmm.  Heard that one before, like last week.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Word is, Wells didn't play last week because of the game plan, not so much his knee.  Here's an idea, play him if he's healthy!  So, the determining factor whether he plays or not is who they are playing and where?  Interesting.  I say let's have the same plan for everyone else to.  There were some other people I would have preferred to sit last week in Minnesota, like the defense.

Bottom line is that I just hope he gets healthy and if he is, he plays.  Wells, as far as I'm concerned, will only grow as a player if the coaches loosen the reins and allow him to play.  Now, if it is his knee that is keeping him out, that is another thing.  I just don't buy the game plan they had set for last week, didn't allow for Wells to play because those plays didn't match the health of his knee?  Hey, how about throwing some plays that he could run?

What do I know though?  I'm just a blogger who sees these things on the outside.  What I do know is based on comments I hear and read.  So, are we getting the whole truth?  Wells spoke for himself this week and agreed on the reasons why he sat most of last week's game out.  In that sense, I can't argue too much.  Is Wells being honest though as well?

It has been a season long drama with his knee so far.  I just want Wells to get on the field and perform the way we know he can.  We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out.