Cardinals May Not Miss Keith


Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Brandon Keith is out for the season.

Before you go jumping out for joy, let's temper that excitement by saying he got hurt.  He apparently tore his hamstring on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.  For what it's worth, that's too bad and I wish him a speedy recovery.  You never wish ill will on anyone.  The guy played hard. However, he really wasn't any good, let's be honest.

There is not going to be anyone out there better than Keith either, at least this season, so whoever they were to bring in to replace him wouldn't be cause for celebration.  That person is free-agent D'Anthony Batiste, who played for the Denver Broncos earlier this season before being released.  Jeremy Bridges will most likely start in Keith's place.

The Cardinals offensive line has been much maligned and rightfully so.  As a unit, they can't pass protect and can't run block on a consistent basis.  I truly believe much of quarterback Derek Anderson's downfall has been the lack of help he has received from his offensive line.  Kurt Warner had the same issue, however his talents and his skill receivers were able to overcome any offensive line shortcomings.

Alan Faneca has been a bust.  Levi Brown is out of position.  Brandon Keith is no good.  Simply put, the Cards have not been able to get the offense going as they would like much for these reasons.  I wish Keith well, however, losing him for the season isn't the worst news this team has received this year.