Looking at the 2011 Cards QB Possibilities


Might as well start looking at the Arizona Cardinals quarterback position for next year now.  We know Derek Anderson will never be anything more than a serviceable backup.  Max Hall is at least a couple of years away if he will ever be ready at all.  John Skelton is not NFL ready yet.

I've listed the five quarterbacks that I could see leading the Arizona Cardinals next season.

1. Donovan McNabb - I am not kidding .  Before you mention that huge extension he just signed yesterday, let's look at my reasoning.  First, the Washington Redskins are only on the hook for $3.75 million if they trade or release him.  After last night's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, you have to wonder if Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was looking for the shredder?  Secondly, he lives here in the Valley.  I know we harp on that fact quite a bit in this town, but it has to count for something, right?

2. Kellen Clemens - The dude will never see the field at The Meadowlands again, at least not in a New York Jets uniform as long as Mark Sanchez is healthy and alive.  I say, look at this free agent.

3. Jake Locker - Once projected as a number one draft pick, the current Washington Huskies QB  could slip down far enough for the Cards to pick up in the draft.  Who knows where that will be, but as of right now, that would be a top 10 pick.

4. Ryan Mallet - He's a gamer.  The Arkansas Razorback can throw a football.  He does have the knack for getting injured, but the Cards drafted Beanie Wells with that same information.  How bad could a quarterback from the SEC be?

5. Matt Hasselbeck - Again, I'm not crazy.  He will be a free-agent.  His current employer, the Seattle Seahawks may look to get younger.  Hasselbeck could flourish with the Cards receivers and revitalize his career much like Kurt Warner did.  It is a matter of keeping him healthy, but then again, the Cards had to worry about that with Warner as well.  I'm just sayin'.