Another Early Sunday Game


The Arizona Cardinals not only have the task of going and facing a good team on Sunday in the Kansas City Chiefs, they are faced with playing one in another time zone, another early Sunday game. Not exactly the Eastern Time Zone, but still effective and having the Cards play earlier than they are used to.

Now, we all remember the issues the Cards have had playing in time zones outside of Arizona or the Pacific.  It was something media and fans harped on, maybe a little over blown at times, but still the record spoke for itself when the Cards headed east.

They put that monkey to bed against the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs a couple of seasons ago, handily defeating the Panthers in their building on national television.  Last season, the continued to win in the Midwest and back east, winning games in Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Detroit, and Jacksonville.

However, this season, the Cards might be back at it. Sure, they won in St. Louis on opening day, which, in hindsight, might have been the best time to play the Rams in St. Louis as they have gone undefeated at home since then.  They got blown out in Atlanta though.  They were never in it, which was a bit of a surprise at the time, even given the personnel.  Then they blew a game in the fourth quarter in Minnesota in the early game a couple of weeks ago.  This week, welcome to Kansas City.

The Cards have one more game back east after Sunday and that is a very winnable game in Carolina in December.  We'll talk much more about that one later.  Right now, the Cards need to win an early game in KC, otherwise, here comes all the talk, again.  Good luck.