You Can Count On Haley Shaking Whisenhunt’s Hand


Last week, a lot was made of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley's refusal to shake the hand of Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels after Denver's 49-29 drubbing of the Chiefs at Invesco Field.  Not only did Haley refuse to shake his hand, he pointed his finger at the Broncos head coach.

That won't be happening on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals and head coach Ken Whisenhunt.  First of all, Haley is the former offensive coordinator for the Cards, most recently in 2008, when he led the Cards offense to the Super Bowl.  Haley and Whisenhunt are friends as well.

Although Haley apologized for last weeks hand shake snub, you still have to believe the apology was just for us to hear and it was anything but sincere.  he said it was in the heat of the moment,  but that game was over before halftime.  You can bet Haley had plenty of time to plan out what he was going to do - or not do.

Now, after the Chiefs drub the Cards tomorrow, would Whisenhunt contemplate such a move?  No way no how.  Whiz is a better man than that.  He will always show class and respect for others even if he personally feels it is undeserving.  It's all about doing what is right and leading by example.  So know this, no matter how much the Chiefs win by on Sunday, Haley and Whiz will still hand shake and be friends.