Kansas City Chiefs Offense Vs. Arizona Cardinals Defense


When you compare the numbers between the Kansas City Chiefs offense and the Arizona Cardinals defense, there really is no comparison.  The numbers say it all and say this should be no contest today.  No, I’m not talking about the Cards defense making it no contest, I’m talking about the Chiefs defense.

The Chiefs offense is 10th in the NFL.  They score 23.6 points per game.  They gain an amazing 363.6 yards per game.  That to me is a strong offense.  If they are moving the ball that much it makes me wonder what the Cards defense can do to stop the Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel and the Chiefs offense?

The Cardinals by contrast, are 30th in defense in the NFL.  They allow 29 points per game and 401.8 yards per game.  This sounds like this game could be over by halftime.  The Cards defense tries to be too opportunistic though, trying to make plays that aren’t there.  As a result, the defense ends up getting burned, specifically the secondary.

I’ve got a feeling today will not be a good day.